Why to ban smoking?

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Smoking may be legal but that doesn’t imply that it is good for us. Cigarettes are made from tobacco which is in turn extracted from tobacco plant that contains nicotine. Nicotine is a drug that forms a strong physical as well as psychological chemical addiction. Also, it is the most harmful substance that is capable of affecting every major system of the human body. Apart from nicotine, tobacco smoke contains other harmful substances such as arsenic, cyanide, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and ammonia bromide, to name a few. All these chemicals mix together and form a tar. It is nicotine and this tar that works together and cause several diseases which ultimately lead to death. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reports, about 443,000 smoking-related deaths occur annually. So don’t you think: smoking should be banned?


Why should smoking be banned?

  • Smoking is the major cause of premature deaths. Diseases such as lung cancer, throat cancer, chronic bronchitis, heart disease, mouth cancer etc. are caused by smoking.
  • Smoking is not only bad for smokers, but for non-smokers as well. Even if you don’t smoke, you can get sick from the tobacco smoke. This smoke is called second-hand smoke and it can cause several problems like asthma, ear infections, tonsillitis and bronchitis. Second-hand smoke has started to really bother all the non-smokers, and that is why many laws have been implemented that enforce the smoking ban in public places. After all, non-smokers want to breathe fresh and clean air!
  • Smoking cigarettes also affects the environment. A large amount of paper is utilized in making cigarettes. As, a result a lot of trees are cut down daily which is obviously not good. Moreover, the paper used cannot be recycled.
  • Cost of smoking is also putting a financial burden on the society. According to a report, the secondhand smoke costs around $10 billion a year. Also, medical expenses worth $5 billion are connected with secondhand smoke.

Do you want to quit smoking after seeing how badly it affects your health and financial status? You can be a permanent non-smoker after using session on quit smoking by hypnosis.

How hypnosis for smoking cessation work?

During hypnosis for smoking cessation, the smoker is usually asked to imagine the unpleasant outcomes of smoking. For example – the hypnotist may suggest that the smoke from the cigarette smells like truck exhaust, or smoking leaves the smoker’s mouth feeling parched.

Spiegel’s method is one common smoking hypnosis technique employed these days. This smoking cessation hypnosis technique focuses on the following ideas:

  • Smoking is like a position
  • You should respect and protect your body
  • You need your body to live

The hypnotist educates the patient about self-hypnosis and then asks her/him to repeat the above affirmations whenever she/he desires to smoke.

It should be noted that experts associated with these sessions understand each individual’s needs and their unique smoking triggers. They tackle each and every reason for smoking and allow a person to emerge as a non-smoker.

Well, our quit smoking session offers a lifetime guarantee. In case you resume smoking cigarettes, we will offer completely free of charge quit smoking session.

Remember, it’s never too late to quit your smoking habit. Doing so has several health benefits. And if you quit smoking before the age of 50, you are sure to cut the risk of dying to half for the next 15 years as compared to people who keep lighting up. So, think twice before you buy that new packet of cigarette!

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