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IBMC #3-Risk for a Random Challenge — radhikasreflection

The 3rd of the 10 series challenge hosted by Prakash of It’s a challenge to see how random can you be. Write ten sentences where there is no connection to each other. Go as random as you can get. Show the creativity in the paragraph and surprise the reader. The story sure need not […]

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Indians in Hollywood: The Diversity Dilemma — contemporary women

Now more than ever before, the West is seeing the rise of Indians and people of Indian heritage in Hollywood, and it’s glorious. Lately, the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Dev Patel, Lilly Singh, Mindy Kaling and Aziz Ansari have been taking the entertainment industry by storm. Back in 2012, Mindy Kaling paved the way for Indians on television, being the first […]

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Vegas on a Beer Budget — roads bel travelled

Las Vegas offers a lot of enticements and unless you gamble heavily; it does end up being one of the most affordable escapes from reality. If you ever signed up for free rewards membership for Caesars group of hotels, Venetian’s Grazie, Cosmopolitan’s Identity, and many others; you are probably aware that they give out comps […]

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RA Challenge ♡ #25: Favourite Prop — Guylty Pleasure

Hands down, this is an easy question: The gloves. Because they are a recurring theme. Exhibit 2 3: And in full motion double whammy: Need I really say more??? Just this one thing: I am sometimes wondering whether these little gems have become a bit of a nudge-nudge moment for RA, cheekily giving his fandom a […]

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Netflix Review: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) — MovieBabble

Over the course of his career, George Clooney has turned himself into one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood. While he mostly pegged as a suave, stylish man in Hollywood, he certainly hasn’t been afraid to be a little kooky in some of his roles, as seen by his character in O Brother, Where […]

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Mini Reviews : the cute L.A contemporaries edition —

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening friends! For this reviewing day I’m back once again with the mini-reviews format. Okay maybe they’re not that short but…sorry not sorry. I LOVED these books. There are no spoilers in these reviews. Tell Me Three Things, Julie Buxbaum I’m all for sweet contemporaries you can read in one […]

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