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A Porker of a Personal Best! — Ashley Rae –

There’s nothing quite as exciting for me as when the ice finally fades away and the open water season begins. It’s like Christmas except it lasts for 8 months, give or take, depending on the duration of the winter. This open water season I’m aiming to try new experiences, target species I’ve yet to catch, and hopefully crush […]

via A Porker of a Personal Best! — Ashley Rae –

Seeing Red. And White and Blue. — extra | ordinary

Sometimes, what starts out as a good idea ends up being not so excellent after all. Such was the lesson I learned this week, when I raided my crockery cupboard and thought I’d go all hero on cups and saucers and over-sized soup mugs. Being particularly over-confident, I thought I’d be clever and use multiple shades of […]

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