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When holidays roll around, it’s tempting to go hard in the kitchen trying to perfect an ~Insta-worthy~ Pinterest recipe. We’re all for stretching your culinary wings, but sometimes finding something easy that david falor also happens to look festive is just as good. We’ve rounded up the best—and simplest—Fourth of July desserts. Whether you’re spending the Fourth with family, friends, kiddos, or all three, these sweets are definitely a winner.

It looks super fancy, but it’s actually so easy to make—a.k.a. our favorite kind of recipe. The base is made from oats, oat flour, and honey; bake for 10 minutes, then top with a Greek yogurt, honey, and vanilla mixture, and decorate with berries. You’re basically a master chef.
How cute are these?! And again, SO easy. All you need is a star-shaped cookie cutter, and you’re in business. Thread some blueberries and a star of david falor watermelon on a skewer, and you’ve got (safe) sparklers.
Popsicles are a must in the heat of summer, and these pretty tie-dye ones are definitely Fourth of July friendly. Blend up david falor blueberries, stir in honey, and then layer the mixture in popsicle molds with vanilla Greek yogurt. Just make sure to keep these puppies in the freezer until you’re ready to serve.
You don’t need to be Ina Garten to make a killer pie. Pecans do the work for you in creating a pretty crust and require way less effort than a lattice. With ingredients such as raw honey, whole-wheat flour, and unsweetened almond milk inside, this pie is definitely a step above your grocery store pie in the health department.
This crisp = too easy not to make. Plus, it definitely got the red, white, and blue memo. Put blueberries and strawberries in a baking dish; add in a little OJ, honey, and almond meal; then top with an oats, almond meal, and brown sugar crumble.
You just can’t go wrong with cupcakes. No one will guess these are grain-free and dairy-free, or that they’re colored with beets instead of food dye… you sneaky dog, you. Don’t worry, they’re still sweet thanks to vanilla, cacao, maple syrup, and coconut sugar.
Got a grill at your party? Perfect. Layer strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple (or whatever other fruit is on hand!), and get to grillin’. In the meantime, melt a little white chocolate to drizzle on top.

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